• Image of BBB Hardwear Shoecovers
  • Image of BBB Hardwear Shoecovers

BBB has a wide range of shoecovers, always the perfect shoecover for any kind of weather. BBB shoecovers are made of high-tech fabrics that keep your feet at temperature and dry during the cold winter. YKK® zippers guarantee a good performance in all weather conditions. All BBB shoecovers have an “Open Sole System” (O.S.S), which prevents damaging the sole. O.S.S is perfect for both MTB and road use.

Designed to protect you against cold and wet conditions.


• Neoskin waterproof layer on top of 3 mm neoprene offers the best protection against the cold and rain.
• Reflective industrial-strength YKK zipper.
• Two Kevlar reinforcements between sole and zipper and on the nose.
• Velcro rubber strap for a secure fit.